Thursday, March 08, 2007

Welcome! (And Thank You!)

Welcome, Poynter, Get Rich Slowly and I Want Media readers, and thanks for coming! Together, nearly 400 of you have visited The Editorialiste in the last three days!

This blog is about the future of journalism - the interplay between citizen journalism and the so-called "mainstream media," and all of the things that affect the industry, from top to bottom, mergers to internships. We usually update twice a week.

This blog came into being almost a year ago, and just last week we received our 1,000th unique visitor. Thank you - please keep reading!

For a quick introduction to the tone of the blog, I invite you to browse recent entries. Here are some of the most popular posts:

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Additionally, I've noticed some compelling searches by visitors in the last week: "internship hearst magazine," "wage comparison journalism," and "how many unpaid hours per week is an intern supposed to work."

And it got me thinking: what would YOU, readers, like to see on this site?

Would you like more coverage on the young journalist? The MediaBistro trolling, Ed2010 scrolling, I-need-an-internship reader?

Would you prefer coverage of the established business? The new blog-writing, paycheck-got-cut moping, I'd really like to talk about journalism but I'm too old for school reader?

Please comment - I'm open to anything!

Keep on reading,

The Editorialiste.

P.S. - I've begun writing a new satire column on the Ivy League for a small New York City daily. If Gawker's your thing, I think you'll enjoy it. Keep your eyes peeled, link to come soon!


Anonymous said...

I hate having to use "anonymous" but I have plenty of accounts in cyberspace. Hence, my spam count.
But, I think this blog is the most relevant commentary I've yet to see on journalism and those who will inhabit its future.
I'm asking our intern bloggers if they wouldn't mind linking to your blog. I sent a link to our Blog editor, senior web content manager and executive producer. It's up to them. Yeah, they are all interns.
I manage the interns who three times a year they produce their own NPR-style newsmagazine, design and build their own website. I could do a "top-down" thing. But, a funny thing happened on the way to the dictatorship. They are smarter than me, so I just try to make helpful suggestions and encourage them to make decisions with confidence. Not abandon their confidence, just channel it well. I'd rather manage innovation than sheer compliance anyway. The latter is boring.

Keep it up...

Unknown said...


No worries; I understand completely.

I'm honored by your comments, and it makes me happy that I'm striking the rights chords, to use a well-worn analogy. So thank you, thank you, thank you.

The interplay between you and your interns is fascinating, and I like the idea of mentoring because it can be a two-way street of learning. It seems you've identified where your energy is best spent: Channeling the inevitable energy that they'll have to something productive. I'm glad that you're seeing the situation as something greater than managing a few extra, less-experienced people. As we learned by that Gannett flare-up, sometimes that's all it boils down to.

Of course, I'd be happy to reciprocate with a link on my blogroll. Tell those kids to keep on writing!

Thank you so much for commenting and always reading,

The Editorialiste.