Thursday, September 27, 2007

Why I Don't Envy Sports Columnists (with video!)

If you don't think sports journalists take a lot of heat, think again. Here's a video of Oklahoma State football coach Mike Gundy flipping out over this column by Oklahoman writer Jenni Carlson:

Need I say more? I don't envy my sports colleagues one bit.


Anonymous said...


I'm a graduate of Oklahoma State University ('86). I don't give them any money, other than my minimum alumni association dues each year. Professors at that school (which my Dad just retired as department head of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology after nearly 40 years) and public school teachers in the state are consistently among the lowest paid in the nation. Funding for vocational education (people who do not go to college, but are good at using their hands) is being cut. Meanwhile, oil money flows to football and other men's sports but people goes round and round about the football coach calling out a columnist of one of the worst newspapers in the nation, (your own "Columbia Journalism Review" dubbed the paper that a few years ago).

Seems there's plenty to pass around here...

Doug Mitchell

The Editorialiste said...

@doug: Good point. Right or wrong, I still wouldn't want to be that journalist!

Maybe now, that reporter might just switch to covering the funding cuts to other programs. You know, just to take the high ground. Ha!


The Editorialiste.