Friday, June 22, 2007

Welcome Romenesko Readers!

Welcome, Romenesko readers, and thanks for coming! Together,more than 1,500 of you have visited The Editorialiste in the last 24 hours!

This blog is about the future of journalism -- the interplay between citizen journalism and the so-called "mainstream media," and all of the things that affect the industry, from top to bottom, mergers to internships. We usually update twice a week.

This blog came into being just over a year ago, and just last week we received our 8,000th unique visitor. Thank you - please keep reading!

For a quick introduction to the tone of the blog, I invite you to browse recent entries. Here are some of the most popular posts:

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Since many of you are current or former journalists, I welcome your input. If you'd like to see new coverage on the site, please comment -- I'm open to anything!

Keep on reading,

The Editorialiste.

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