Tuesday, January 27, 2015

In hibernation.

Nearly two years in deep freeze prompts me to publish one last post to confirm the obvious: this publication has gone into hibernation and will remain there until further notice. (Never say never.)

I've very much enjoyed keeping up The Editorialiste since 2006, but I find myself unable to keep up a traditional blog, what with the rapid proliferation of "publish" buttons in our lives.

If it's thoughts on the publishing industry you seek, I certainly haven't given those up; please follow me on Twitter for off-the-cuff discourse and on Tumblr for my "inspiration board," which often serves as a personal collection of media bookmarks to revisit.

Finally: Thank you for your support for so many years. I've very much enjoyed using this as a platform for media industry discourse, and I look forward to continuing the conversation in other venues. Things are just getting interesting; I can feel it.

Andrew Nusca
"The Editorialiste"

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DigiDave said...

Just a small comment to let you know that even if it's rare - some of us still love RSS and read ;)