Friday, August 12, 2011

How Much Money Does An Editor Make? (2011 Edition)

Folio Magazine has released its 2011 salary report for editorial folk, from editorial directors to editors-in-chief to senior editors and managing editors.

It breaks down salary by position as well as geography.

Some highlights:
  • Averages in New York City: EIC $109,000; Executive Ed $102,000; Managing Ed. $82,000.
  • There's a huge gender disparity: $14K for managing, $8K for executive and a whopping $22K for EIC.
  • If you're not in NYC, you're looking at more than $20,000 less for the above roles.
  • You can work 25% more during the week, but it won't bring in much more at the lower levels. If you're EIC, it's all the difference.
  • The bigger the company, the better the salary.
  • A graduate degree (of any kind, not just journalism) nets you an additional $5-8K per year. It's unclear whether these people just ask for more (loan pressure!) in the first place, though.
Plus some qualitative feedback:
  • EIC: Feelings of 'over-worked, under-appreciated' and under-compensated.
  • Exec. Ed: Strain of fewer staffers, more work. Assignments going on uncompleted. Acting as their own HR departments.
  • Managing Ed: Changing technology is screwing up copy flow. Small teams mean change is unavoidably disruptive. And, above all, pressure to publish "redundant" and "dumb" content.


Jay said...


Very interesting data. I have never been in this blog before but i will come back for sure. I work in Spain but after seeing the info I am starting to believe that NYC should be my destination.

Nice to know bout this blog. Yeah ;-)

Jeremy C. said...

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