Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Break away from the news cycle.

The news cycle is a drug.

It's what every journalist pines for, to some degree. We're all addicted to it a little -- it's why we're in this business. But when we all end up running the same race, like hamsters in a massive wheel, the cold hard fact is this: only one person wins a race. The rest lose, exhausted.

Do readers a favor: ask yourself -- really, ask yourself -- if you're in the business of breaking news.

If you are, best of luck (and a double espresso).

If you're not, stop trying to be. You're doing a disservice to readers by trying to break news and failing -- either by speed or quality.

Zig instead of zag. Rediscover your publication's mission. (Ask yourself if it even has one.) Do what you, not others, do best.

Win hearts. Win minds. (And maybe profits.)

P.S. I realize I haven't been keeping up this blog; its mission remains relevant. I plan to spend more time on it.

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