Monday, September 15, 2008

The Editorialiste, Now 'A-Twitter.'

I've always told myself that I wouldn't Twitter, because I don't find it a productive use of my time (or interesting, for that matter) to gab about where I am in the world.

However, after thinking about it and having received several invites from Twittering friends, I've decided to sign up. The reason? So that I could post my favorite quotes from the news I read everyday.

Those close to me know that I regularly post to my away message on certain online accounts what I deem as memorable quotes that I read in the news. (Today's example: "If I had beaten the old man, you would never have heard of the kid and then we wouldn’t be in this mess," from a Katie Couric interview with Michael Dukakis). I've decided to expand my audience, since I believe these quotes are at the heart of the journalism we practice: concise, vivid accounts of the world around us.

If you'd like to follow The Ed. on Twitter, I'd be honored to have your eyeballs, albeit for five seconds a day:

(Also: Great interview on I Want Media with the Twitter CEO about the role of traditional journalism and Twitter.)

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