Friday, May 16, 2008

Who Reads The Editorialiste?

Some recent statistics on The Editorialiste's readership that I thought I would share with you, my dear readers.

It's a small but dedicated group, and if you're reading, it looks like you're in great company!

In the last month (pretty average month):

962 absolute unique users from 65 countries (in the USA: 46 of 50 states)

Since the blog's birth in 2005:

26,377 absolute unique users from 144 countries (in the USA: all 50 states and 2 territories)

Most of you come from Google searches, naturally, but an impressive 2,561 people come directly to the site without any referral.

As with any blog, many people simply click through to this site without knowing what it is. The statistics support this: the vast majority just click through once. However...

Number of Visits Visits
1 times 26,444

2 times 1,023

3 times 326

4 times 191

5 times 133

6 times 100

7 times 83

8 times 71

9-14 times 253

15-25 times 234

26-50 times 208

51-100 times 189

101-200 times 215

201+ times 268

...there's a wonderfully steady readership that keeps on reading -- which means regular readers of The Editorialiste are a fiercely loyal bunch!

Congratulations, thank you, and as always -- keep on reading!

The Ed.

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