Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Changes on The Editorialiste

Hello dear and loyal readers,

Just to alert you on some changes to the site that you might have noticed:

  • I've added RSS/Atom feed capability for a number of readers in the right-hand column. This is important, as it will allow you to add The Editorialiste to any reader you like.

  • For those of you who already subscribed, I've moved my feed to Feedburner, so you'll have to update your feed. You can find the new address here: The Editorialiste on Feedburner.

  • I've also added a meter to keep track of you all. Since the feed's been moved, it's at a lowly zero, so please subscribe!
  • Finally, I'm still working on wrangling Google's advertisements to have more to do with the site. Clearly, AdSense isn't yet a perfect science.
Suggested changes are welcome; please e-mail editorialiste [-a-t-] gmail [-d-o-t-] com.

Thanks for reading! --The Ed.

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