Friday, January 25, 2008

FOLLOW-UP: Editorialiste Reader Questions Author of Burnout Study

Remember my previous post about journalists burning out (Do You Feel Burned Out? Journalists Are At Risk, Study Says)?

Well, The Editorialiste reader Simon Owens took the next step -- naturally, for a journalist -- and asked study author and Ball State instructor Dr. Scott Reinardy more questions about burnout over at Bloggasm. As it turns out, Reinardy's just explored the tip of the iceberg, and that this survey was only the first of several to come:

Those intending to leave indicate that they will freelance, enter public relations, move into academia or return to school to advance their education in another area,” he replied. “Those are the primary answers. It’s really a mixed bagged, but the fact remains that there is a substantial percentage who intend to get out.”

He further speculated that many might try their hands at online media, and that those who do want to move away from newspapers but remain in the media have plenty of opportunities elsewhere.

Read more of Simon's questions, and Reinardy's answers, here. Thanks, Simon!

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simon owens said...

Thanks for the link! at least you were nice enough to give me credit for my reporting. Today, Editor and Publish ripped off the facts I gathered from the interview with the professor and presented them as if they had gathered the facts themselves.