Friday, November 02, 2007

Getting Inside Sewell Chang's Head

Last week, I was invited to hear The New York Times' prolific City Room editor Sewell Chang speak about what he does, how he got there, and his thoughts on new media journalism -- or as one could kitsch-ily say, Journalism 2.0.

Here are some highlights:

"When I was approached a year ago [for the City Room blog position], I didn't even know what an RSS feed was."
"The time has long passed that the Times is the one, be-all source to go to."

On the 'Morning Buzz' feature on the City Room blog: Chan said he reads all the major New York newspapers before he's even dressed. "I don't link to Page Six, obviously. We don't do society gossip."

On job convergence and relying on producers ("the biggest area of growth for the Times") for video and audio features: "In some ways, they're not encouraging us to do that, because we're not polished like CNN anchors."

Interesting stuff for a young journalist who admittedly is a "traditional, print journalist" and behind the wave of technology.

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