Thursday, November 09, 2006

Throwing the Blog a Bone

On Election Night, the blog arrived to the mainstream media party - but this time, it was invited.

While watching the votes tally up, I made sure to have a revolving refreshing of all of the most popular political blogs through the night: Wonkette, DailyKos, Instapundit, RedState, etc. What I noticed was most of them were blogging from the same room - under CNN's wing.

Hmm. We often debate whether blogwriting is true journalism, or if it's factually accurate, or if it's merely opinionated bile. But this year, CNN recognized the influence - whatever they've decided that influence was - and threw them a big 'ol LAN party.

Though I didn't see too many Red Bulls or Counterstrike apps running - instead, CNN's election night coverage and a steady flow of open bar delight - this is clearly a milestone for blogging, at least in the political sphere. The popularity of these blogs was evident that night, and the draw these sites experienced throughout the night was probably more than impressive.

But was the party more condescending? A relaxed, drink and schmooze affair while the "real" journalists were rushing around counting votes and interviewing Ken Mehlman?

Were the bloggers really taken seriously? Or were they lured away from the real action, just to give CNN some extra mentions as the de facto authority on calling the races?

I'm not sure.

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