Thursday, November 02, 2006

Indecision 2006 vs. Calculated, Conservative, Careful Decision 2006

To everyone who wasn't already sure, NBC's Brian Williams said Jon Stewart and his Indecision 2006 "Midtacular" shouldn't be a first stop shop for objectivity come election day.

"If all you know about news is Jon's take, it's getting a bit skewed," Williams said in the Philadelphia Inquirer. "If you ever get confused between satire and reality, you're prone to lose sight of the real stakes."

But honestly - is anyone really that confused?

Given Comedy Central's demographic - as well as the generally poiltically-savvy viewers who watch the Daily Show in the first place (otherwise, how else would a joke about Katherine Harris be funny?) - I really think Williams is sweating too hard.

"Jon is the vitamin supplement. We are the main meal. We always have been and we always will be," he said.

Just in time for the election, the issue of an "unauthorized source" of news has resurfaced. Will people stop going to blogs and YouTube on election day? Will Wonkette get any less hits? Will Michael J. Fox sink in the popularity ratings? Porbably not. And most people who read or saw these things were most likely to reinforce the views they had before they involved themselves in this "biased" news.

But there's a greater picture, too: why should we rely on news organizations come election day? Their up-to-the-minute vote counting is commendable, but no one's watching Jon Stewart for the results (certainly not in a CNN data overload type way, anyway). They're watching because they're sick of people like Brian Williams and his ilk saying nearly nothing at all, sometimes incorrectly, for an entire live day of news.

So who's really to blame?

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